Excellent & Safe Bedroom Toys You Can Find or Make at Home

If you want to have a better sexual experience, then you can never go wrong with sex toys. However, mainstream sex toys are overrated and usually don’t provide the pleasure everyone is looking for. The best alternative is to use homemade bedroom toys for men and women. They are not only more affordable than their mainstream counterparts but also provide more variety. Here is the list of the top ones on the market these days : http://www.homemade-sex-toys.com/best-male-sex-toys.Now lets compare them with our own homemade inventions:

Solo sex toys
If you are going solo, there are household devices you can use right away for pleasure & safe sex:

Electric Toothbrush
This tool can produce vibrations that can deliver satisfaction to your most sensitive parts. It even has a removable head, which can be used for sanitation. If you are creative enough, you can replace the head with other objects to deliver erotic sensation.

Electric Face Brush
If you are looking for something portable, then an electric face brush will make an excellent toy. It is a handy device that can send gentle pleasure to your intimate areas. To get the most out of it, use something that has an ergonomic design.

Phone models that have vibrating alert feature can be perfect for playing in bed. Specific sizes and shape can bring more pleasure than others. You can mix and match between models to get the right ones for you.

Condoms and vegetables
Putting vegetables such as cucumber, eggplants, carrots and other similar shaped veggies inside a condom before plugging it in can provide an excellent dildo-like toy. Since the plant is inside a condom, you won’t have to worry about compromising your hygiene.

Ice Dildo
Dildos make an excellent choice for those who want to experience some penetration. You can make your ice dildo by pouring water in a condom, and form it with a cardboard tube and freeze it. Also, you can choose different condom textures and create cardboard tube shapes to make the type of dildo that suit your needs.

Melons and Banana Peel
For men who want to penetrate something tasty, fruits can make an excellent choice. To start having fun, only cut the hole and enjoy. And if you ‘re going to add some hand action, you can use banana peel as sleeves for masturbation similar to the ones in this example: http://www.homemade-sex-toys.com/pocket-pussy

Glass Bottle and Chilled Towel
Here’s how to make your nipple sucker: get a damp towel and chill it in your fridge. Once chilled, get a glass bottle and soak it in hot water for a minute or so. Remove the container from the boiling water and then place the opening of the bottle on your nipple. To create the suction, wrap the chilled towel or cloth around the bottle. The suction is caused by the difference in temperature between the cylinder and sheet. For added comfort and pleasure, you can apply oil on your nipple. The effect of this diy toy can be similar to the Fleshlight Launch and it is 200$ cheaper!


Couple Sex Toys
Playing sexually is best done with a partner. Here are some homemade bedroom toys couples can use:

Wax Candles
You can spice up your bedtime routine by adding some hot sensation play. By dripping a small amount of warm wax from a lit up candle on the skin, you can make your partner feel hot and excited.

If you want to get into advanced hot play, you can use paraffin. They are usually sold in blocks. One block could for at least a year. To apply, place a small amount in a double boiler and then use a spoon to get and drip heated wax on your partner’s skin.

They have been used over the years by couples to produce that gentle erotic feeling. By brushing them on sensitive areas of the body, you can get yourselves fired up. You can use a feather duster for the job and use it for teasing the skin.

Necktie and Belts
If you want to try out other things such as tying your partner, your closet has plenty of tools for bondage. Among those tools are your necktie and belt. With their toughness, you can count on them to become excellent restraint tools.

Spatula and Belt for Spanking
Does your partner enjoy receiving some spanking? If so, your house has a lot of tools you can use right away. You can start with a spatula or your belt.

Using homemade sex toys can be adventurous and fun. However, it is essential to put your safety before anything else. Stay away from objects that can easily break into sharp pieces especially if you are going to use them for penetration.

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